Assessment of Readability Levels of Educational Scripts about Kidney Transplantation


Sang Kit Wat


Health Literacy, Readability and Portability, Organ Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Educational tools


Abstract – Executive Summary

Background: Limited health literacy has impacted access to the kidney. Successful cases of transplant have better health outcomes compared to dialysis. Investigators have produced educational video scripts that can be shared among patients and their respective social circles. Addressing health literacy/ readability levels of educational materials can potentially increase the rate of kidney donation and relieve the healthcare burden.  

Objective: The purpose of this paper was to assess the readability level of scripts used to narrate the previously produced educational videos.

Methods: A descriptive design was used to assess the reading levels for the 12 video scripts using Text Readability Consensus Calculator formulas with metrics such as text-scale scores for text difficulties and grade levels.

Results: The 12 video scripts indicated mean reading levels of 7th-grade, which meet recommendations by the Center for Disease Control for communication aids.

Conclusion: The educational video scripts meet the recommended readability level. However, further research to further assess the implication of the materials on improving learning and health outcomes can be explored.




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